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A Visit to the Puerto Princesa Crocodile Farm

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“Baby crocodiles lounging around at the Puerto Princesa Crocodile Farm”

Continuation of the Puerto Princesa posts.

One of the places that we had visited in Puerto Princesa was the Puerto Princesa Crocodile Farm. They had SOOOO MANY crocodiles of varying sizes. They had small ones which were less than a foot long to a big adult one which measured more than 15 feet.  The farm is known to locals as the “Crocodile Farm” but its official name is the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center.  It not only houses crocodiles but also other animals, but the crocodiles are the main attraction of the center. We had gone to the farm as part of a city tour that our hotel offered so we only got to see the crocodiles because we had to go to other destinations in the city to complete the city tour.

The tour started out with a guide saying stuff/information about the crocodile farm but I was too busy taking pictures (as I always am in all my trips) to listen. I did catch the information about the crocodile skin and skeleton that they had displayed at the entrance (scroll to the picture to see the information).

“The dried crocodile skin and the skeleton in the pictures were apparently from a crocodile that was approximately 60 years old and measured about 17 feet long. Amazing that an itty bitty baby croc can potentially grow that big!”

The guide then led us to the crocodile pens where they had large containers full of crocodiles of varying ages and sizes.  I remember that there was a funk to this place since this was essentially where the crocs live (and hence pee and poo) but it wasn’t that offensive (probably because I was too preoccupied with taking pictures AGAIN!).

“Giving me the evil eye!”

“I remember leaning inside the crocodile pen when I took this picture. I accidentally nudged the pen a little and the crocodile got startled and whipped its body around the pen. I got startled by this and let out a loud yelp, hopefully no one saw me let out that yelp…lol”

“Crocodile buddies”

After going through the pens where the small crocs were living, we were then led to where the big crocs were. Big was an understatement really, there was 1 croc there that was nearly 20 feet long and he was stationed right under the bridge that you had to cross to see the crocodile pen. *Starts praying that bridge does not collapse*

“This was at the bottom of a bridge that you have to cross to exit the crocodile area; I prayed all throughout the walk that the bridge would not collapse under my weight.”

“I named him Mister Snappy”

“Anyone for a bit of swimming??? This really feels like it was taken from the book of an evil mastermind.”

The visit to the Crocodile Farm was definitely interesting because it was so fascinating to see so many crocodiles all at one place; especially seeing how small they start out and to how large they can grow up to!  Crocodiles really are beautiful creatures  but they still give me the creeps because they always have that weird cold expression with eyes that feel like they’re piercing into your soul…. or maybe its just me… lol.

Until the next post!


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  1. yup, i also consider crocs and other reptiles creepy! but you made them a little tamer in your captures.


    March 28, 2012 at 4:55 pm

  2. Such a powerful experience, beautiful photos. Crocodiles are among my favorite animals. I could have stayed there only observing them forever, how Did you manage to leaave? Visiting a crocodile farm is now added to things I wish to experience before I leave this earth. Thanks for sharing!

    Billie Jean

    April 22, 2012 at 8:45 am

  3. […] as the main tributary of Palawan, flows through the prison without walls, a crocodile preserve and out into the […]

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